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Market Comment Follow Up

March 11, 2022

As a follow-up to the Market Comment we sent out to you on February 24th, we felt there were a couple items worth discussing.  It has now been two weeks since Russia most recently invaded Ukraine bringing about significant devastation to the country and their people.  Additionally, we have seen the effects of war ripple through the global economies due to increased uncertainty along with severe economic sanctions being placed on Russia and its Oligarchs.  The effects on energy prices are obvious and the daily volatility of the stock markets is nearing extreme levels.  Keep in mind, history has shown these events will come to pass and equity markets will return to more normal valuations.  The chart below is a good example of how these types of events have occurred throughout modern history and that any decline is more likely an opportunity for long term growth.

S&P 500 Response to Geopolitical Events



Additionally, as uncertainty and volatility continues in the geopolitical environment, we wanted to assure you that cybersecurity protections, risks and threats are constantly being monitored.  Precautions are being taken to keep your assets and information secure.  Further details regarding cybersecurity and protections can be found in the following links.

How client assets are protected at Schwab

Schwab Security Guarantee

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