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June 30, 2010 by Lesjak Planning

Normally the summer months provide lethargic trading in the financial markets. Vacations are taken by many traders worldwide and volumes slow considerably. The past few weeks have pretty much followed suit. The result often is wide fluctuations in market prices since a one day or one week concentration on the buy or sell side is met with little resistance.

We are presently in this situation and recently the winning volume has been to the downside. There has been positive news regarding corporate earnings and home prices, but the Gulf Oil Spill and the European credit problems are overshadowing them in the media.

In this instance of being at a virtual crossroads between positive and negative market forces, it is prudent to be prepared for both, while committing to the more conservative side for those with income needs.

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Historically, the summer months can be unkind to investors for the reasons stated above.

With all that is going on in the world, we don’t expect this summer to be much different. Balancing between good news and bad, the markets are able to go either way.

We have been overweighting the fixed income side of allocations the past few months for those with income needs in anticipation of this. Most withdrawal accounts should now have two to three years minimum withdrawals in fixed income. This will allow us to ride through any volatility that may come. After the unprecedented run-up in values since March of 2009, we expect some pullback in values. The economy is growing, although slowly, and we feel that as we get to the mid-term elections and beyond, growth will accelerate and we can then reduce our weighting in the more conservative fixed income sector.

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